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Cork Business League 2019/2020

The Cork Business League is opening up Registration for new Teams to enter the League. Please register here for initial contact and if you are interested in entering a new Team.

The Cork Business League is an adult male junior soccer league which currently operates in the Autumn – Spring football season. Founded in 1953, still affectionately referred to as the 'shipping league', has provided junior football for teams representing their places of work for over half a century and this year it is celebrating its 65th anniversary of its affiliation to the Munster Football Association as a fully-fledged Junior League.

2019 / 2020- Details

  • Matches are (apart from some evening games in April / May) played on Saturdays 2.30pm (mostly) and Sundays 10.45 or 2.00pm. Teams are broadly workplace based, with additional players recruited on a random basis from outside the firm/company.
  • Clubs are encouraged to secure their own home ground. Teams without their own ground have had the option, last season, of hiring a pitch at the Mayfield Utd complex who facilitate the League.
  • The annual team registration fee is €150  plus €50 bond to cover player/club fines plus  €8 for EACH PLAYER registered. Fines are applied for club and individual player indiscipline (€30 minimum) along, of course, with suspensions.
  • Referee costs PER GAME are currently €52 (Premier Division) and €46 (First Division and other competitions). NB: These fees will rise slightly this season.
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New Players for Cork Business League

If you are interested in signing for a Team in the Cork Business League, let us know here

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